Funders App

MCA Syndication Management

Funders App allows businesses to receive 
financing capital from a pool of investors, 
while we take care of the coordination, legal 
and financial aspects of each transaction. 
This allows both ISOs and smaller funders to 
focus on their tasks, instead of the details.


We offer underwriting services that identify
the financial stability of applicants with 
precise accuracy. This allows us to 
determine the terms, repayment structure 
and fees associated with each transaction, 
for a smooth and easy experience.

White Label Funding

Our white label MCA funding solution is 
perfect for ISOs, brokers, and micro funders 
who don’t have the resources or expertise to 
handle significant transactions effectively.
With our white label applications, you can 
leverage our technology and knowledge, 
ensuring a seamless closing experience.


Our company specializes in managing the 
accounting complexities and 
considerations related to merchant cash 
advances for Independent Sales 
Organizations (ISO) and brokers. With our 
expertise, clients can rest assured that their 
capital acquisition process will be 
seamless, precise, and hassle-free, allowing 
them to focus on achieving their long-term 
objectives with confidence.


Funders App can manage the collection of 
outstanding payments from businesses that 
have received funding in order to settle 
accounts in the most positive and 
professional manner possible.